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Game Design

Game Design – Gamification – Creative QA

When designing your game, we provide you a production ready game design document based on your requirements.
Gamification for us is just designing a game with your business. Our expertise combined with yours.
When checking your game, we provide you a report with issues and if desired, suggestions for improvement.

AWS Cloud

Websites – Game servers – Cloud applications

At our business we’ve got AWS certified cloud professionals. We can help you design, set-up and manage your AWS cloud. For your traditional IT infrastructure needs, but also for high performance game requirements.

We make sure the infrastructure is the best suited to your application, auto-scales to your requirements and is as cost effective as possible. Never pay too much while you’re always ready for the big hit.

Game publishing support

Scouting – Greenlighting – Creative QA

For the game publishers out there, our game designers help you find games you might want to support. Daily, talented developers reach us with their games looking for support. Based on your company profile we can suggest these opportunities to you.

With greenlighting, we look at the talented developers and their projects, determining whether investing is a good idea.

As with developers, we also provide you with our Creative QA service, getting the developers to notice the issues with their projects, giving a chance to raise quality.

We are a privacy conscious company. We’ll always try to use services and software which provides the most privacy and thus the least tracking.